Jamie Sijansky

Jamie's calling is to educate, and she has found her niche as a passionate advocate for homeschooling. Armed with 13 years as a teacher and a Master's degree in Curriculum Design & Instruction, she has honed her skills in crafting engaging and effective lesson plans that cater to learners of all ages and learning preferences. Her talent lies in creating curriculum that inspires and enriches, and she is a true partner to parents along each child's educational journey.

Mettie Taylor

Mettie possesses a unique talent for transforming ideas into vibrant reality through her boundless creativity. She began her career teaching 4th grade Writing, Science and Social Studies. Her passion for writing and research led her to a law degree from Texas Tech School of Law. She stepped back from her legal career to begin homeschooling her four kids, during which she gained experience teaching neurodiverse, twice exceptional students.  Mettie understands the diverse ways in which children learn, and she has mastered the art of using her words and analytical mind to offer fresh perspectives and ignite imaginations.

Rebekah Hawkins 

Rebekah is a true master of the art of structure. Her passion for education led her to spend nearly a decade teaching social studies to 5th and 6th graders, and her leadership skills were honed as a Camp Director in Rockwall, TX. Rebekah understands the transformative impact of a safe and supportive learning environment on each child's growth and fosters an atmosphere of undistracted excellence in the classroom and the daily schedule.